Wait For Your Donut

Last night was fun, 4 in one bed. Zacks teething, Emmitt sneaks in, mommy-daddy pushed to the side. But still nobody is getting good sleep. Zack is a rolling pin all over the bed, and then the other gets daddy wet on his end… we all end up on the couch. grouchy but Grateful for these two lives– we finally sleep.  
…All that being said, mommy wakes up thinking we all deserve a treat, whisper to daddy please go get us some donuts… I told Emmitt we were gonna get a surprise, but he was so focused on his morning snack routine and what was on the counter hes complaining and carrying on…so I say “EMMITT, DADDY IS ON HIS WAY TO GET YOU SOMETHING, AND YOU ARE CRYING OVER THIS”… and it was as if time stood still–scrreeeech–God turned on my breaks, and I hear Him say did you just hear that, I literally exclaim “NOOOOOO”…shake my head, smile, yea God, I heard it. Im not sure Emmitt got it, but God showed up in my morning, How many times have I been crying to my heavenly father, (quite a bit lately) and because I can’t see that He’s going before me, after the surprise, I just want what I see now.

Im sure none of you have a hard time waiting but just incase… I wanted to share, encourage, maybe bring a little smile. The enemy wants us to think God is not good, oh but He is!  Sometimes what is in front of us is not all that there is coming for us. WAIT FOR YOUR DONUT. 🍩

Wait for the Lord ; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord . 

Psalm 27:14


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